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Ukulele Buddy

Ukulele Buddy


watch this 1 minute video
and see how you play ukulele straight away!

The Ukulele Buddy is a tool to  

immediately play the ukulele.

See the 3 steps below:

1)  put the Buddy at the top of the ukulele neck.

2)  make sure the letters on the buttons are legible towards you


3)  press the desired chord button and play!

                                     a free pick is included


these are the 7 chords that can be played directly.

that's enough to play thousands of songs!

Below is an example of a video that you can play with right away:

the Buddy is equipped with soft foam strips, so no scratches  on your uke!


the Buddy comes in a nice box with a free pick.

an ideal gift for people who like  want to play immediately!

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