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ukulele covers

The following applies to all CLXmusic ukulele bags:


Sturdy bag to safely carry your ukulele.



  • large storage compartment

  • extra storage compartment for telephone, capo, tuner etc.

  • adjustable carrying strap

  • extra protective pieces on the inside


The cover is fully double stitched, has a big quality zipper and a sturdy handle

Also important is the padding: it is 10 mm for the -100 series, 15 mm for the -150 series or no less than 28 mm for the -200 series.


The -200 series is considered the best ukulele gig bag on the entire market!

Since 2009:
a dropout of 0.00% !

GTU 100 series
for soprano ukulele

10  mm padding

GTU 100-S


for concert ukulele

10 mm padding

GTU 100-C


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