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each ukulele comes with a free tuning guide!

The Calista 21 is a wooden soprano ukulele.


There are 15 versions: 3x color, 4x dual color,  5x print and 3x license.


The Calista 21 is equipped with guitar mechanics, making them easier and better to tune and keep in tune.


The Calista 21 is suitable for all ages.

Stemwijzer ukelele.png
Leaves (concert)



The 'Leaves' is a wooden ukulele with a spruce or mahogany top and mahogany back and sides.


The traditional sound hole has been replaced by the milled leaves, giving the 'Leaves' a beautiful and recognizable appearance.


Equipped with professional guitar machine heads,

this makes it easier and better to tune the 'Leaves' and keep it in tune.


The 'Leaves' is available in concert versions and is suitable for all ages.


sapele / mahogany

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